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AllianceOne is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teleperformance USA (TPUSA). AllianceOne was formed March 5, 1999 through the acquisition of 5 companies. Due to the complexities of the debt collection business and AllianceOne’s excellent reputation, branding, licensing/bonding and other compelling business reasons, AllianceOne remains a stand-alone subsidiary of TPUSA. This arrangement provides AllianceOne’s existing and future clients with the strong financial support to bring new service offerings and expansion of office space throughout the United States.

The Government Services Division of AllianceOne has been providing uninterrupted government collection services for more than 30 years. We stay on the forefront of industry technology with annual upgrades, attendance at trade shows, technology such as speech analytics and more.

AllianceOne works with several large toll customers and can tailor a debt collection program that encompasses all aspects of the process including pre-collection and litigation services. AllianceOne has specialized collectors that work toll specific accounts. These agents are familiar with toll violations that include individual, business and rental agencies. AllianceOne has extensive experience working with accounts with single or multiple toll violations. In addition we often times need to locate a registered owner, particularly on out-of-state accounts. To improve the success rate on letters, contacts, and overall collection results accounts are sent through a waterfall of skiptracing vendors to locate pertinent account information. Manual skip-tracing efforts are also performed by our agents.

AllianceOne focuses solely on pre and post delinquent collection services:
- Customer care
- Toll collections
- On-site staffing at client locations
- Non-delinquent account services
- National client base
- Govt Svs division is the largest vertical
- Full third party collections
- Time-pay collection services
- Registered owner lookups
- License restoration programs
- OVN (On Vehicle Noticing) services
- Booting and towing services
- Amnesty
- Tax Intercept Programs with various government clients
- Litigation
- PCI certified company ensuring complete data security
- Sites focused on government debt collection
- Immediate decision making abilities
- Tailored programs to meet the needs of clients

We maintain on-site personnel throughout multiple client locations to support our contracts.

AllianceOne offers the financial strength, imagination, technological sophistication, and a work ethic that is the envy of our industry. Being a leader means more than being the oldest or largest company in the industry. In debt collection and account receivables management, leadership means having the vision to develop new solutions that span the entire revenue cycle. We define our services in terms of your goals. Our success is measured by your satisfaction.