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emovis is the leading service delivery and toll-based technology provider of abertis ( in the global markets for all electronic tolling and smart mobility solutions. The company is 100% owned by Abertis, the world’s leader in highways management (5300 mi of roads).

We are committed to helping millions of motorists travel seamlessly along the world’s busiest highways. emovis is currently operating some of the world’s busiest cashless toll roads including Dublin’s M50 Ring Road, the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver and the UK’s Dartford Crossing. In 2016, the company converted Puerto Rico’s PR-5 and PR-22 highways into an All Electronic Tolling highway corridor. In 2017, emovis will add another major reference to its portfolio by operating the All Electronic System (AET) of the new Liverpool ‘s Mersey Gateway bridge in the UK.

emovis is also a pioneering mobility pricing. The company is currently participating in Oregon’s Road User Charging program (, which is the first ever vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) program implemented in the United States. One objective of this approach is to provide a fair and efficient funding solution to transportation agencies confronted with declining fuel tax revenues. In that regard, emovis is proud to be a member of the Mileage Based User Fee Alliance ( The company is also committed to promoting interstate interoperability for the benefit of customers and state toll agencies though its active participation in the Alliance for Toll Interoperability (

We design, implement, maintain and operate state-of-the-art road pricing solutions, including
> All Electronic Tolling (AET)
> Open Road Tolling (ORT)
> Cashless Tolling
> Pay-by-Plate Tolling
> Video-based Tolling
> Road User Charging (RUC)
> Vehicles Miles Traveled (VMT)
> Truck Tolling
> Toll Interoperability Hubs
> Innovative Mobility Pricing solutions

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