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Since its formation in 1957, McCormick Rankin Corporation (MRC) has provided a broad range of professional consulting services in the transportation, environmental and building areas. An uncompromising commitment to technical excellence on over 8, 000 projects over five decades has resulted in our being recognized as a leading Canadian consultancy.

In 2007, MRC was recognized with an award as one of Canadas Best Managed Companies and the firm has received numerous awards for its projects including several Canadian Engineering Awards of Excellence.

The firm provides services to municipal, provincial and federal government clients, private sector owners, architects and contractors across Canada and internationally. We practice in the United States through McCormick Rankin U.S. and Lochner-MMM Group and in the U.K. through MRC McLean Hazel. In Canada, MRC-Delphi Analytics is recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise in road safety engineering. Consulting services in the natural sciences including environmental planning, environmental management, site assessments and environmental impact assessment are provided by Ecoplans Ltd. Ecoplans staff is comprised of biologists, scientists and engineers that routinely deal with issues involving fisheries, forestry, watershed planning and restoration, wetland creation, landscaping and soil contamination/remediation.

In August 2008, MRC and Ecoplans joined the MMM Group of Companies, an industry-leading Canadian program management, planning, engineering and geomatics firm. MMM and its subsidiaries/affiliates comprise a global firm with more than 50 offices in Canada and around the world. MMM team members work collaboratively and with many other partners to execute many of the most exciting, complex, large-scale projects in Canada and globally. MMM is a partner of choice for major design-build and P3 transportation and building projects in Canada, the U.S. (through Lochner MMM Group) and around the world.

Today governments recognize the importance of a balanced and efficient transportation system to support economic health and environmental sustainability. There is, however, an increasing need to deliver infrastructure as efficiently as possible, including through alternative delivery models. We have embraced these challenges and have, through our multi-disciplinary approach to projects, developed a reputation for innovative solutions that exceed our clients expectations.

We are recognized as leaders in strategic multimodal transportation planning, and have played major roles in most of the toll road projects in eastern Canada and in many other design/build contracts in Canada and internationally. We provide road maintenance and asset management consulting, and Ecoplans is a recognized leader in the field of road salt management. Our team of experienced transit specialists provides services ranging from corridor planning to design to operational studies.

A consulting firms reputation relies entirely on the abilities of its employees. We are proud that our reputation is such that we secure many unusual and demanding assignments. These in turn provide the professional challenges that keep our highly motivated staff at the leading edge of our business.