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Measurement Specialties offers two unique sensor types for traffic applications. RoadTrax Brass Linguini(BL) axle sensors, made with our PVDF (piezoelectric) cable, is suitable for dynamic applications such as weigh-in-motion, speed and red light cameras, and vehicle classification and counts. BL axle sensors are highly accurate for speed and classification, robust, low cost, easy to install, and offer a great signal-to-noise ratio. Measurement Specialties also offers Sensor Line GmbH fiber optic axle sensors in North and South America. Suitable for toll applications, Sensor Line uses fiber optic light-based technology instead of contact closures for improved accuracy and reliability. Sensor Line can be used for static or dynamic applications, with speeds from zero to highway. The sensors are compatible with existing systems and are offered in replaceable treadle formats for easy installation in most weather conditions.